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NoName Bot

Created Python Telegram bot using python-telegram-bot module for seamless communication on Telegram platform.

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Bluecity Cab

Crafted BlueCity Cab website with the power of Tailwind CSS, delivering a sleek and modern design for an enhanced user experience.

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HarryPotter CTF

Developed HarryPotter-themed CTF (Capture The Flag) challenge, immersing participants in the magical world of Harry Potter while testing their skills.

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MICS Agency

Developed MICS Agency leveraging the versatility of WordPress, enabling seamless content management, delivering a professional online presence.

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RCH Cab Service

Constructed RCH Cabs website as a static site, providing a fast and efficient online platform for booking cab services with a focus on simplicity and user experience.

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Taxi Service Near Me

Built dynamic website using full JavaScript, delivering seamless interactivity and enhanced user engagement.

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